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with Federico Fellini

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Everyone in the world knows who Federico Fellini is. He is the best known name on the international cultural scene and this has always been, ever since he was alive and his films made headlines. Death has not affected this fame on the contrary the myth has become a legend. And his name even generated an adjective: Fellini.

Many also know that Federico Fellini was born in Rimini, in 1920, and that his Rimini has carried him throughout his life.
Indeed, it is better to say that the memory of his city and of his people has been the protagonist of many of his films and one of these, in particular, the legendary Amarcord, has become collective memory.

The publication, the first of its kind, starting from the biography of the character Fellini, was created to let everyone know who Fellini was a man, what he created, and at the same time to better understand his connection with the city that gave him natali and what he still tells about him today. The pages you are going to read therefore unite the character with man and his land, in a continuous correlation. In fact, the biography itself is a reading tool to follow a historical-environmental, monumental and topographical thread.

To all of you who read the wish for a "good amarcord" in the footsteps of Fellini in Rimini and its surroundings, in the most Fellini-like province of all.


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