The Beach 55 and Hotel Palos

La Spiaggia 55, managed by our family, is spacious, always sunny, safe and supervised; we make sure that the umbrellas and beach equipment are well spaced, in order to guarantee greater privacy and tranquility.


At your disposal, large relaxation areas with shaded gazebos, children's play area, multipurpose playgrounds ( including beach volleyball, beach tennis and table tennis), cabins, changing rooms and nursery with changing table complete the services.

"The sun and the sea breeze will accompany your days, dedicated to relaxation and well-being, strictly with your feet in the sand."

La Spiaggia 55, together with the Hotel Palos, offer recreational and educational activities in full respect of the environment and in harmony with our eco-friendly philosophy.

Wi-Fi is available free of charge throughout the beach.

A beach for everyone in Viserbella di Rimini!

Immerse yourself in the charm and serenity of the sea in full respect of nature and people.


Our beach is a corner of well-being and relaxation, a few steps from the hotel and is personally managed by our family. Angela will always welcome you with a smile.

Wellness is eco-sustainable

Small precautions, initiatives and contemporary technology offer a stay in which personal well-being is in harmony with the environment.


The hot showers on the beach are solar powered, plus the Wi-Fi connection covers the entire beach.

A safe and supervised beach

The Adriatic Sea is characterized by a gentle slope up to 100 meters from the shore.


A safe sea for the little ones or for those who are not very familiar with swimming, also thanks to the rescue service guaranteed throughout the day.

Beach equipped for dogs

The "Dog Friendly" establishments allow dogs to be brought under the umbrella, to be able to share every moment of relaxation with them. According to the municipal ordinance, small and medium-sized dogs can access the beach, while for large dogs a certificate issued by the veterinarian is required, which guarantees the docile character of the animal and the ability of the owner to keep it properly. . At the first access to the establishment you will be given a form to fill in with some information on the animal's health, generally indicated in the animal's booklet, so don't forget to bring it with you! Dogs can stay and stop under their umbrella but they cannot walk on the beach and along the shoreline. Finally, we remind you that according to the municipal bathing ordinance, dogs are prohibited from bathing.

Live a wonderful holiday with us!

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