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Hotel Palos di Viserbella and "Compagnia dei Guardiamondo" leading entertainment for young guests.

Six days a week of entertainment at the beach to lighten up the parents during their stay that can also participate and help their children in the activities.

The project is designed for educational games and children are encouraged and followed in the construction of games with waste materials and recycling and with the handling of the products learn to make piadina, bread, paper etc.

New for summer 2019:
Le Esplonotti

Every Friday the kids together with the educators will build a village with tents,
who will host them to spend the night scanning the sky with a telescope, will tell stories and experiences.

Parents can check their mobile phones at any time thanks to Web-Cam placed in tents.

Gastronomic Laboratory and
Favola della Buona Notte

The animators will help to produce recipes of regional cooking preparations.
In the evening, the good night story is told, tasting a herbal tea that will help you to sleep.

Dress code of the evening: pigiamino!

Snacks and menus for children

Succulent snacks to be consumed on the beach with the animators for everyone at La Spiaggia 55.
Once back at the Hotel Palos, colors and flavors will attract and intrigue young guests during meals.

Animators will sometimes eat meals with the kids who want it.

Animation for adults
Rimini evenings and sports activities

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