Guaranteed fun for young and old

Viserbella Beach & Urban Village

Our beach offers every day a fantastic animation program for children, to spend days of fun, play and lots of laughter.

During your vacation you will find an animation organized and managed by professionals in the entertainment sector.

Free and free entertainment starts at 09.30 am and finishes at 11.00 pm. In the morning and in the afternoon you will find the Staff of entertainers on the beaches that take part in the project, while in the evening it will be enough to follow the point of Viserbella indicated by our animator in the hotel, to participate in baby dance, group dances and various shows of evening entertainment.

The evening shows have the main objective to involve you personally, because you are the real stars of the show.

Smart, special and for all ages. On holiday with your child!

Hotel Palos di Viserbella and “Viserbella Urban Village”, leading entertainment for young guests.

Six days a week of entertainment at the beach to lighten up the parents during their stay that can also participate and help their children in the activities.

The project is designed for educational games and children are encouraged and followed in the construction of games with waste materials and recycling and with the handling of the products learn to make piadina, bread, paper etc.

Gastronomic laboratory and educational games in full respect of the environment

Angela and Stefano, the staff of our beach establishment, will welcome and pamper you, taking care of your needs at all times of the day.

The activities offered during the day vary from educational workshops to sports, from tournaments to gymnastics and fitness.

The children are encouraged and followed in the construction of games with recycled material and with the possibility of putting their hands in the dough by preparing typical regional and Romagnola cuisine recipes.

Snacks and menus for children

Succulent snacks to be consumed on the beach with the animators for everyone at La Spiaggia 55.

Animators will sometimes eat meals with the kids who want it.

Animation for everyone and sports activities

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